We all know the feeling of casual hunger, when you’d like something to eat and it’s an hour until your next meal.
Food banks are there for those difficult times when there’s no food at home and it’s days or weeks until your next pay cheque.

The Wheatland County Food Bank has been helping people since 1990 and prepares about 800 hampers a year for needy people who live in Wheatland County.

The Wheatland County Food Bank operates mostly on the kind donations of residents, businesses and local service organizations .  Additionally it qualifies for the Alberta Community Spirit Grant and proceeds from the charity casino funds every two or three years.  While non-perishable donations provide a large portion of food for hampers,  perishable items such as meat, vegetable, milk and eggs must be purchased.

More than just provide food hampers for families in need the food bank also works in cooperation with the Christmas Hampers program, supporting local school food for children without food and supplying food for new mothers at risk.

For years the Wheatland County Food Bank has operated solely upon the generous donations of individuals, business and service organizations without the need to solicit donations. For this the WCFB is extremely grateful.

Several factors in the last few years have changed the needs of the food bank.
The food bank has seen:
–       An increase in the number of people  using the food bank

–       An increase in the size of families using the food bank

–       An increase in the price of operating costs including food, fuel, etc.

The Wheatland County Food Bank would like to thank all the residents, businesses and local service organizations who have supported the Food Bank over the years and we look forward to continuing to come together to help those in need in our community.  

You Can Give

You can have a powerful impact on the lives of hungry people in Wheatland County by the simple act of giving. If you can share a few dollars, or a few of your available resources, your gift will go a long way.

Volunteer opportunities include: telephone screeners, helping with fund raising and food drive events, and other opportunities.


Residents and Businesses and Service Organizations can donate:
– Non perishable food items
– Cash
– Live cattle for slaughter or government inspected packaged meat
– Personal items (ie. diapers, shampoo, tooth brushes)

Monetary donations may be made by mail Box 2331 Strathmore,AB T1P 1K1, through Canada Helps on this site or by dropping your contribution off at WFCSS at the Wheatland County Administration building (located on the North side of Highway 1, East of Strathmore) or at the town FCSS Office. Food donations may be made at most grocery stores or the food bank on Wednesday mornings 9:00 – 10:00 AM (124 Orchard Way).

Fund Raisers and Events

If your business or service organization is interested in doing a service activity or event we can help coordinate the timing of the event with other events to help maximize results and help avoid overlap or confusion.